Louisiana's Wild Crayfish

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Jūras produkti

About the company

The company “Jūras Produkti” are producing and distributing seafood products for many years. Our main premium ECO product has grown up in wild – caught and peppered in Spain, near by the “Doñana” nature reserve, which is considered to be Europe’s largest ecological reserve. In 1994, UNESCO declared it – “The Property Of Mankind”.

The company “Jūras produkti” practices principles of sustainable fishing. It is a strategy, by which means – a series of activities, witch main aim is to keep the population of the species at an optimal level, and accordingly guarantees the survival of the species. Also, “Jūras produkti” does not use fishing techniques that would, by any means, negatively affect the rest of the ecosystem.


Discover a unique product!

  • L-sized crayfish
  • Packed in a vacuum
  • Grown up in the wild
  • Country of origin – Spain
  • Made according to Latvian traditions
  • In dill marinade
  • Ready to use

In the preparation of this product, we are using unique sauce, made from dill and aromatic plant seeds, which gives us unbelievable bouquet of flavors that is so familiar to Latvians.

We always make sure that the “Jūras produkti” assortment passes the highest quality control among consumers. And are ready for immediate use.

Vacuum sealedPremium qualityWild caught

Our experience

As land, right on the sea shore, our country’s fishing roots and traditions go back a long way. We are fortunate to be one of the countries with access to both, freshwater and seafood fishing resources. All our ancient history and tradition of fishing techniques and seafood preparation methods, is our value and pride. That is why we want people all over the world to know, get to know and enjoy – at least a small part of it.

In the company “Jūras produkti” we are using the newest available equipment for crayfish selection, cooking, processing, sorting, packaging and freezing processes. Special maintenance storage tanks, allows the product to be maintained in optimal conditions, in order to deliver the product to our customers in invariable – highest quality.

Our goal is to offer, and make available all over the world, the highest quality product, made according to Latvian traditions, at a reasonable price.

Our products will definitely be appreciated by both – simple taste lovers and excellent chefs.